October 12, 2010

FTPS vs. SFTP, once and for all.

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I had to provide an explanation about the differences between FTPS and SFTP today, which sound so similar, but are in reality extremely different and can easily confused by those who don’t spend lots of quality time with them.

SFTP (“SSH FTP”) is based on SSH (Secure Shell) version 2. It uses the same communication channels and encryption mechanisms as SSH.

FTPS (“FTP over SSL”) is based on the the legacy FTP protocol, with an additional SSL/TLS encryption layer. There are several implementations of FTPS, including those with “implicit SSL” where a distinct service listens for encrypted connections, and “explicit SSL” where the connection runs over the same service and is switched to an encrypted connection by a protocol option. In addition, there are several potential combinations of what parts of an FTPS connection are actually being encrypted, such as “only encrypted login” or “encrypted login and data transfer”.

FTPS uses the same communication channels as legacy unencrypted FTP, including dynamically negiotiated side-band connections. Due to these side-band connections, FTP has always been problematic with firewalls. The encryption layer further exacerbates these issues.

Due to this rather long list of ins-and-outs, FTPS can be considered an exotic protocol, while SFTP has widespread acceptance due to the omnipresence of SSH servers on all Linux or UNIX servers.

The only objective advantage of FTPS is that FTPS uses an SSL certificate that is signed by a trusted third party and can be used in an opportunistic way, similar to HTTPS encryption in web browsers. However, if password authentication is not enough and mutual authentication using X.509 client certificates comes into play, this advantage loses part of its validity, because mutual authentication nearly always requires manual intervention from both sides.


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    Comment by Wael ElMasry — July 12, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

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