July 23, 2011

How to liberate iTunes files from the podcast they came from

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There is a ringtone in my iTunes library that I once received through a podcast. I’m no longer interested in that podcast and wanted to dissociate the m4r file from the podcast and then delete the podcast from iTunes. However, I wasn’t able to deselect the podcast attribute in the file’s information window.

What I did, was drag the file to my Desktop and use AtomicParsley (installed through Homebrew) to remove the podcast attributes:

AtomicParsley Ringtone.m4r --podcastURL '' --podcastFlag false --podcastGUID ''

After deleting the podcast from iTunes, I imported that modified file, without the podcast itself making a reappearance in the list of podcasts.

This should (hopefully) not be neccessary for m4a files, as the media type for these can be changed through the iTunes GUI.

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  1. Great! Thanks!
    I used sed on the file to remove those as I couldn’t find a “proper” software to do so, but this would case jitter as a large compressed file as an audio file is likely to have matching tags in the actual music data.

    Comment by What if — August 3, 2011 @ 9:20 am

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