February 19, 2008

USB slow in MacOS 10.5.2?

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Oh well, the troubles with MacOS 10.5.2 aren’t about to stop. Now I’m discovering that USB transfers from my camera’s memory card are painfully slow, no matter whether I use a card reader or connect the camera directly to USB. The hardware is USB 2 but the transfer speed feels more like USB 1, which means that it is very, veeery, veeeeery slow. Once again, I’m not alone in this, although many (if not most) users seem to have had the same problem before upgrading to 10.5.2 already:

An interesting observation is that in these discussions, random stuck-in-the-mud Firewire proponents show up and start telling people that USB has always been inferior anyway. Weird. As if anyone could just plug in their digital camera through Firewire instead of USB.

I’ll now try a reboot and a few resets of the whatever-manager. I doubt it helps, but it’s probably worth a try. (Update: A reboot and three ritualistic Alt+Cmd+P+R resets have fixed it, at least for now.)

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